“The goal of this book is to bring to light the extreme darkness of such disorders as anorexia, bulimia, bipolar, and addiction so that others need not feel the same burden of shame and isolation as I did.”

– Emily Simone Lukaszek

Note: This book is currently under construction and therefore no longer available for download.

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The memoir Insane is an atypical coming-of-age story venturing through 26 years of raw life. A life of pain and destruction; a life of perseverance and of inexplicable, ever-present hope.

Emily finds only destructive and deadly means of survival in a world from which she feels entirely disconnected. Age 9: anorexia. Age 13: cutting. Age 16: suicide. Age 17: drug and alcohol addictions. Innumerable hospitalizations, rehabs, therapies. Emily morphs into an unrecognizable shell of a being, while continually looking for a way out, and a way into a being of substance and health. Feelings of loss, grief, restless in her own skin, fear of never being able to recover… Having no direction manual, Emily quests for relief . She seeks something to rely upon, seeking a seemingly impossible way out of the trenches she built. Trenches engulfed by secrecy, shame, haunting memories –This book is meant to shed light upon it all so that others may not feel the isolation Emily did.

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