The Life in Writings of Emily Simone Lukaszek

Indie Author. Creative Spirit. Life in Progress.

Who Is Emily?

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A lifetime writer, musician, and artist, Emily is the author of Insane: a memoir delineating her journey from a fragmented childhood, through tenacious hope to a continuum of wellness.

Emily began writing poetry and short stories as early as age five. Throughout school she continually wrote short stories, poetry, and cathartic emotional prose. It wasn’t until her 21st year that she began to formally sit down, compile some of the writings, and bring out the stories of her past. Her memoir is a book of five-year making. “At some point, I just had to stop obsessing, put it down, and say, ‘Okay, it’s finished.'”

At five years of age Emily began learning to play Classical piano. With time, she experimented with various instruments successfully but found her niche with flute and cello, while continuing piano. More recently she has picked up the acoustic guitar and is back to writing songs, still teaching herself how to play as she goes. Praised for her lyricism, Emily is beginning to perform and plans to share some recordings on her website in the near future.

Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada she recently returned home to her roots. Quoted as “having residential commitment issues” she has made many geographical moves throughout BC and into the Prairies.

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