Absolutely love this woman and everything she has to say and stands for. Brilliant. Thank you for sharing so much with the world!


Update Mar 10, 2019

Oh my 🤦‍♀️
It’s taken me THREE MONTHS to recognize the flaw in this post and it is now driving me crazy that a) I cannot change the single word without recreating the entire picture; b) I am angry with myself and embarrassed for letting something so imperfect be published …. and then I pause and think… does anyone else see the irony here?! It’s almost hysterically sad. I make a post about being worthy of love in spite of imperfection, and the post itself is imperfect, and thus I hate myself for it.

In the spirit of the true meaning of this post, and the essence of Brene Brown’s messages, I will leave the post as imperfect. I will leave it up for the whole world to see one of my mistakes. This is by no means easy for me, being an extraordinarily-high-achiever with standards and expectations which make no sense and are usually by all means impossibly unattainable. But this is the reality of what truth is being conveyed: look, I made a silly typo, darn, oh well, it’s not as though my self worth or value as a person is based upon these things. phew! I am still loved. And for the record, I will never be perfect, and will still, always, be loved. 🙂