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For so many years, this has been my life.

15 years of hospitals, institutions, rehab centres, recovery houses…
15 years of tubes and needles and vomit and blood and scars…
15 years of accumulating trauma upon open wounds…

I became mentally ill at an age so young, that I wonder if there was ever a time I was NOT mentally ill.

All these years later I still struggle, but I am still here; I am still fighting; I never give up; and I. WILL. WIN. THIS. BATTLE.

But I need help.

I am at a point now, where a psychiatric service dog has been recommended. I truly believe something so simple as a dog will be capable of helping to save my life.
Constant companionship;
Reduction in anxiety, dissociation; nightmares and flashbacks; and major distress symptoms;
Having this goal of taking care of a dog is a huge motivator for me to take care of MYSELF; I.e. when the dog eats I eat; dog needs regular exercise and rest; and can teach me unconditional love.

A dog is not so simple when it comes to expenses…

Expected Costs:

Adoption fees are generally between $400-$500

*this is an excellent cost because the dogs are already spayed/neutered, have their shots and vaccinations and deworming! (Spaying or neutering alone is about $800 here)**HOWEVER, a rescue dog may not be suitable for training if it has incurred too much trauma. In which case a bred dog would be between $1,000-$2,000 including necessary puppy vet bills (at reduced rates).

Training could be anywhere between $500-$2,000

I have already found veterinary/pet insurance help for my low income.

ANY EXTRA FUNDS  WILL GO INTO A LONGTERM DOG FUND to help with ongoing expenses. Waitlists for funded and trained dogs are very long so I may as well TRY this…

I do a lot of writing and public speaking/school lectures about my experiences with mental illness (anorexia or, at times, bulimia; OCD, PTSD, BPD, Bipolar…) to help decrease and prevent stigma in our upcoming generations. My promise to you, is to continue doing what I can. (Please see website  for some examples or to contact for a speaking engagement. NOTE: I am willing to trade speaking services for honorariums to go toward dog fund!)

Thank you for your consideration, and God bless.


My guarantees:
1) my wellbeing and health is my number 1 priority in life, and I promise the dog would be included as equal to myself and treated no less than THAT important. 2) I promise to be certain I always have a contingency plan for the dog in case of emergency (e.g. I am not able to exercise the dog for medical reasons for a period of time: I have a list of people able to step up to help). 3) I promise I will never do anything to jeopardize the health or safety of the dog (I.e. not spanking or kicking; no personal drugs use, including marijuana; never left in a hot apartment or hot vehicle etc.) 4) I promise this dog will be medically taken care of (all proper veterinary care/vaccinations) 5) I promise to pay this forward! One day, when I am healthily thriving in life, I will find a way to do a similar act of kindness!