While in a residential treatment for eating disorders last year, all patients, toward the end of their stay, were encouraged to complete this exercise of writing a “Goodbye Letter” to our individual eating disorders. When I received the homework, I really couldn’t imagine how immensely difficult it would be to say goodbye to something I hated; something so pernicious it seemingly destroyed every aspect of myself and my life.

But truthfully: it was very difficult.

Saying goodbye to anyone or anything is never an easy feat. But if we don’t close the door, others don’t be available to open. Eating disorders are a beast but I am more: My character is bigger; my ability is stronger; my courage is outrageous. Anorexia underestimated me.

It has been six months since I wrote these words, and in six months so much has happened. I think it’s time to write another letter. But for now, I want to share this with you who are struggling with how/if/when/whether to say “goodbye” to your own illness. I encourage you to write your own and share it with me, and most definitely with your supports.

GoodBye Anorexia Letter

GoodBye Anorexia Letter-2

GoodBye Anorexia Letter-3

GoodBye Anorexia Letter-