2016 was one helluva year for me.

And not as in, it’s-so-great-I-don’t-want-it-to-end.

I guess I could say #fuckthisshit became my annual motto. (My phone’s messenger autocorrect memorized this as it was used so frequently.)

But such is life. Life is tumultuous. Life is unpredictable. Life is painful and joyful and frightening and sometimes every possible emotion in one moment; a moment where you feel such intensity that everything in you screams to escape this Life … And yet, you’re given the grace to pull yourself together and walk on.

That’s the kind of year it was. A whole year I want to forget, but one I know I will remember forever.

Honestly I blame myself for making an enormous mess. But I am reminded it’s not (entirely) my fault. Mental illness ran rampant. To minimize the truth, I will say I did not cope well. There were some drastic, big, sometimes impulsive, many traumatic, changes and experiences.

One result of all this was that I poured myself -everything in me- into writing music. I wrote enough songs last year to form more than one album. Here is one. Along with it, you will see some of the words I wrote here become blatant reality.

So to those who are in the midst of turmoil; to those who live each day walking hand-in-hand with mental illness; to each of us who have the inner push to carry one moment into the next: Here’s to a New Year on a continued journey. Here’s to finding a key to soothe your soul. Here’s to the success of attempting one more time. Here’s to 2017.