Publishing a book in this day and age is not easy.

You’re competing with millions.

I’m competing with millions!

I spent five years writing my life story -five years of writing through tears, writing through laughter, writing through shame…writing through anxiety and fear of the unknown; of being judged and of not being good enough.

I am not naive, I am well aware every writer receives rejection. I expect this. But I have absolute certainty that my book WILL be published. My aim is not to be a best-seller, to get rich or famous: my aim in publishing is to reach out to others through my words.

So I have a three-tier plan to get my memoir published:

1) I have sent out query letters and/or manuscripts to as many publishing companies as possible/appropriate (i.e. I did my research to find the companies which publish my niche.)

2) If all of them reject, move on to finding a literary agent. I have already sent queries to the only Canadian agents accepting new clients at this time. Next, move on to agents across the border.

3) If all else fails, I will self-publish! This is why I say I am certain my book will be published. If I have to do it myself, I will research and apply for the wide range of grants available and get ‘er done!

Again, my goal is to reach fellow sufferers of mental illness, which is not always a popular topic -especially when you add spirituality into the mix. But the most important piece is that I remained true to myself and my story, despite my fears. If someone does not like who I was and who I’ve become, that is not my problem. It’s the only life I’ve lived; the only story I have to tell.

As I said, I have contacted all I can for now.

So now what?

Sit back and await my book’s fate …